About Dr. Georgia Tangi


Artist's Statement

I favor images mixed with memories and ideas as the content of my work. The visual language is simultaneously experiential, personal and universal.  There are many ways of processing and expressing information but, for me as a painter, meaning is essentially intimate and cannot be verbalized. Color says more than words, shapes are ineffable and the eyes penetrate the deeper mysteries of the human experience.

After art school at the Columbus College of Art and Design and  the Kansas City Art Institute, I pursued graduate studies at The Ohio State University, where the openness of the Department of Art Education under the direction of Dr. Ken Marantz allowed me to take seemingly unrelated courses all over campus. I took Gross Dissection Anatomy and Theory, Psychology, History of Science as well as Art and Criticism. It became a laboratory of immense value to me as an artist. My doctoral studies led to an interdisciplinary degree from the Graduate School.

I became Director of the Art Department at Kentucky Wesleyan University and started to work and teach from a Liberal Arts base. I became interested in Curriculum Development and in Creativity and how intellect must be diversely stimulated before it can be applied to the problem-solving demanded in the arts. After returning to Columbus, I was offered a position as Artist in Residence and Curriculum Consultant to Franklin University just as they were planning the curriculum for their newly designed MBA. This position forced me to develop myself in new ways.

I have since retired from full-time teaching, but continue to teach Art History and Drawing at The Columbus College of Art and Design and Columbus State Community College. As a member of the faculty at CCAD, I gained access to their printmaking facilities and am able to etch once again. “